Monthly Letter | Eight Months


Dear Marielle,

     Eight months old and lots to report! You're personality is developing so much these days. You have new facial expression, moods and ways of letting us know how you feel. Mommy scared you for the first time this month (unintentionally of course) when she turned on the blender while making apple sauce. You're face snapped from happy to petrified and then came the tears. Sorry about that. :)

     You are also getting very strong. You can stand up now while holding on to something, you favorite is the back of the couch where you can watch all the action outside. You are not crawling yet, but have begun dragging and rolling yourself across the floor. Peak-a-boo is a new favorite game. If you get a hold of a blanket it goes right over your head and we say, “Where's Marielle .... There she is!!” over and over and over. You talk more than ever and have even learned to clap your hands

     Meal time is getting exciting. You have learned to throw this month and make no hesitation in tossing your toys, food, spoons and bibs off your high chair. This month you have started feeding yourself with your fingers and as a result lost the patience for being spoon fed. You are becoming quite independent and seem want to do everything yourself. This makes us proud. Favorite foods this month include bread, broccoli, boiled carrot sticks, cut up grapes, and boiled chicken.

     You also managed to contract every known illness this month. You had, back to back, a cold, a cough, and the stomach flu. Even though you were sick you were still always as happy as can be and it didn't even seem to phase you when you puked all over your toys.

     Marielle, thank you for continuing to light up our days. You are hands down the coolest person we know.

Mommy ♥ Pappa