Monthly Letter | Two Months

Dear Marielle,

   You are two months old today! It is hard to believe that you've only been with us for two months as we can hardly remember life without you. Your little noises have become a perminant part of our daily soundtrack and you've started talking! Wooos and coos, and gurgles,and you're learning to do funny things with your lips to make different noises.
We could sit and listen to you for hours and boy do we laugh.

   We are definately starting to see more of your personality this month. You let us know what you like with your gigantic smiles, and what you don't like with your direct, little baby-barks. You refuse to lay down or let us craddle you in our arms, but rather you insist on being up on our shoulders or in the sitting position. You're happy as long as you have a good view of the action and are already glad to be the center of attention. You are proving to be a social butterfly, charming everyone you meet, and seem to always be on your best behavior when on visits.

   You weigh 5.5 kilos now (12lbs) which means you've gained 1.5 kilos since being born. Not bad. It shows in your fantastically wonderful thighs and your super cute cheeks. You are filling out nicely and mommy is having lots of fun dressing you up in all the outfits you've gotten as gifts.
"You are so beautiful. What did we do to deserve you?" Daddy said today while staring down at you, and that pretty much sums up how we feel this month.

We love you so much,
Mommy ♥ Pappa