Monthly Letter | Three Months

Dear Marielle,

   You are three months old today! This past month has brought about some big changes in you. Your personality is becoming stronger with each day and we feel like we're starting to speak your language. Last month was all about the smile and this month has been all about the laugh. You've started to giggle at all the silly things we do with you. Mommy found out that you like to be surprised with sudden boos, woos, and a-choos. Pappa discovered that you were ticklish in your arm pits and you light up with the biggest smile when he comes home from work.

   As always, you are getting bigger every day. You now weigh 6.19 kilos / 13.6 pounds. We did have a little drama this month when you caught your first cold. Poor thing, your nose was stuffed and you had a hard time eating and sleeping. The worst part was when mommy got worried and dragged you and pappa to the hospital on a Sunday afternoon. Of course as soon as we arrived you gave the nurse a big huge smile, your fever disapeared and all was well again, but not before they poked and prodded you to make sure you were okay. You did not like that one bit, but you were a trooper and even fell asleep while they were drawing blood. I'm sure the whole experience was worse for mommy than it was for you. Along the same lines, you also got your vaccination shots this month. They went really well. You were so tough. You only cried for a second when the needle went in.

   You are doing excellent with your "tummy time". You have a strong neck and can hold your head up very well. The physio therapist at our baby group even used you as an example in class to show everyone the right way to lay on your tummy. You betcha we were proud. You are also starting to grab things with your hands! And the things you do manage to get ahold of are starting to end up in your mouth.

   We moved you into your own room this month, and so far so good. You love to stare at your mobile hanging from the ceiling and today you even fell asleep on your own. You are still very social, loving the attention of strangers and new people. You even smiled at the big jolly pizza man downstairs this week and I think it made his day.

   Proud is the word to sum up this month Marielle. At only three months old you are already so good at so many things. We are so proud of you!

Love Mommy ♥ Pappa