Monthly Letter | Four Months

Dear Marielle,

     This month you have developed sooo much. You`re personality has really exploded out of the small helpless baby we brought home in June. You are a true wild child. You laugh, screech, giggle, cry, talk and use your voice in a amazing ways. You like to be part of the action, talking constantly through dinner parties, gatherings, and to complete strangers.

     The highlight of this month are your teeth! You have sprouted your two bottom teeth already, and we think we can feel one more on the way. This came as a big surprise.  Even though we ran out and bought you all the coolest teething chew toys on the market, nothing seems to beat a nice big grown up finger to chomp down on. 

     Physically, you are getting so big! You are a size 62, but fit into a few 68 outfits. Dressing is becoming more and more fun. And you seem to like it too. You laugh and kick your legs and slap your belly really hard whenever we take your clothes off and do your best to grab a hold of them so you can either chew them up or cover your face with them while you kick and laugh and talk to the clothes. And when we change your diaper you straighten your legs out really hard while smiling so we can`t get your new diaper closed. I think you think it`s a game. You now lay on your tummy with no problem holding your head up high and can roll over onto your back. You are still working on rolling from your back to you tummy though. You get half way over then get stuck, but with your perseverance I know you`ll get it soon! 

     Neither your father or I are morning people, but because of you morning has become one our favorite times of day. We pick you up out of your crib all full of smiles and energy, lay you down between us and listen to you tell us all your stories animated by your acrobatics, giggle and cuddles. There is no better place on earth during those moments.

     Sweet girl, you are four months old and the verdict is in: you are the best baby in the whole world! (We know we`re biased because we are your parents, but we are pretty sure it`s true). You are the best. 

Love Mommy ♥ Pappa