Monthly Letter | Five Months

Dear Marielle,

   5 months old! A whole ton of things have happened this month. The most notable being your physical development. You can now roll over, both ways, and you've started to sit up on your own now too, but only for a few seconds. One of the cutest things you've started doing is rubbing your eyes when you are tired and rubbing your nose really hard in an attempt to get the “boogies” out. Another one of our favorite moves is your “belly slap”. When ever you get really excited about something, good or bad, you slap your belly really hard. It makes us laugh.

   We introduced food to you this month. You've tasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, carrot, and rice cereal and so far you seem to like them all, except when we fed you potatoes you squished your face up and shook. It has been fun, but messy introducing you to food as you adamantly try to hold the spoon yourself or put your fingers in your mouth, pull out the food and smear it all over your face/clothes/us. None the less, we look forward to you trying a whole bunch of new foods in the months to come.

   You like to be awake. Every noise and movement has to be investigated and sleeping hasn't been your favorite pass time. You were also a little sick with a slight fever this month which seemed to throw off your sleep schedule. For over a week you woke up every two hours around the clock so we've all been a little tired lately. We also suspect teething is one of the culprits, as we can see a corner of white along your top gum. Despite all this you are still as smiley as ever, charming everyone you meet.

   We absolutely love taking care of you. Tired or not, know that we would wake up for you every hour of every day for the rest of our lives in exchange for the joy your bring us. Your small hands exploring pappa's beard and your huge smile when mommy picks you up out of your crib are just two of the countless gifts you give us each day.

   The winter's first snow fell in Oslo today, on your five month birthday. We don't know if you noticed or not, but for some reason it warmed out hearts as we thought, “Aww. Her first snow.”

Mommy ♥ Pappa