Monthly Letter | Six Months

Dear Marielle,

   You have been with us for a half year now and are becoming such a big girl!

   You have grown a ton this month. You now weigh 8 kilos and are 69cm long (18lbs, 27inches). You're teeth are popping up like spring tulips, you've got six! Four bigs ones, and two that have just started to poke through. And with those teeth you've been doing a lot of eating. You like all kinds of food now and we got you a highchair that you love sitting up in. Though you seem to eat whatever we give you, we think your favorites seem to be mashed avocado, sweet potato, and bananas in cereal.

   You fall asleep all by yourself now and seem to be getting well aquainted with all corners of your crib. We find you in the stranges positions in the morning, on your belly, on your side, and even upside down. You get stronger every day and rolling over is no problem for you anymore. You also began sitting up on your own this month and you are sturdy enough to sit and play for longer periods of time on your own. We like this.

   Perhaps the biggest news from your sixth month is your trip to Canada. Mommy took you all the way to Winnipeg to visit your family there. We took three planes each way and you were an absolute ANGEL the entire trip. You didn't cry or fuss at all. You seemed to love all the new sights and sounds of the airplane and there was no shortage of attention either. Everyone commented on how beautiful and well behaved you were, and you even had grannies lined up to walk you on the planes. It was a mother's dream come true.

   Everyone in Winnipeg was very excited to see you and you were just as happy to cuddle with all of them. You are definately not a shy girl. You even smiled really big when we visited Santa at the mall. Mommy was sooo proud of you after that trip. She has never been more flattered than by all the compliments she got on how perfect you were.

   It has been another wonderful month with you in our lives. Pappa and I keep saying that you just keep getting better and better. You fascinate us every day and we go to bed each night wondering what you will have in store for us tomorrow.

We love you so much!
Mommy ♥ Pappa