Monthly Letter | Seven Months

Dear Marielle,

    Seven months old!

    When you were a newborn, we were sure it was impossible to love anything more than we loved you at that moment. Our friends told us, "Just you wait, it gets better and better." I couldn't understand how this was possible, but now I do. Each day with you brings something new, each milestone and stage brings new wonder and amazement.

    You are still growing like crazy and your hair is finally starting to get a little bit longer! You aren't crawling yet, but have learned to get yourself where you need to go. One minute you are on one side of the room, and as soon as we turn around you are on the other side. You roll and wiggle across floors and worm and inch your way from lap to lap. No new teeth to report this month, though you haven't stopped chewing on everything you can get your hands on.

    Your favorite things right now are feet and corners. If a foot moves somewhere in the room, we lose you in a fixated trance for a few minutes. And corners! Corners of pillows, blankets, clothing, books, mirrors, you love all corners. I think it's because you've figured out they are the easiest to get in your mouth. 

    Meal time has become a lot of fun now that you are eating all sorts of things. Mommy has aquired a new kind of patience since you started eating solid food. You like to take your time, grab the spoon, insist on feeding yourself and smoosh your hands in your food. New foods this month include cantaloupe, rice crackers and you were lucky and got a bread crust from grandma during Christmas which you loved!

    You are expressing yourself more and more through your sounds. You have happy squeeks and "hi's", and a feed me noise, and a pick me up noise, and small, little, cute, girly noises when you lay in your crib playing in the mornings. You have also begun to get angry if you don't get what you want, and you wasted no time in developing a noise to express your displeasure when something you're not supposed to be chewing on is taken from you. We are amazed by how aware and attentive you are. And you laugh like crazy, especially at Pappa. You love all of his silly voices and when he takes you "flying" around the house you kick your legs and flap your arms like you are swimming. It's really cute.

    Saving the best news for last, we are proud to officially announce that you are sleeping through the night! We started sleep training in the beginning of this month and after a week or two you had it all figured out. Though Mommy does miss our twilight visits every now and then, we are all thriving wonderfully with the new found sleep.

    Sweet pumpkin Marielle, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Just as when you were a newborn, we look at you today and find it hard to imagine this could get any better.

We love you so much,
Mommy ♥ Pappa