Baby Blanket #2 - PINK!

     Finished my second baby blanket. This one is extra special because I wrote/designed the pattern all by myself. So I can proudly say it is a Jacqueline original! :)

     I also learned from this project that my mood is affected by the color of yarn I'm using. This cheery pink color did wonders taking the edge off the winter blues.

     This pink blanket project came after we had a little mishap with my first baby blanket. See original post here.

     My first knitted creation for my daughter ended up spending the night in the washing machine which sits on a nicely heated floor. When I finally remembered to take it out it had shrunk or "tovet" (norwegian) into the size of a paper napkin. Though I was a little disappointed it gave me a good excuse to start a new and improved one. :) ... And now I know to be a little more careful with my wool washing. 

Purple blanket - post shrink